Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Minnie Haul | a few bits from september

This blog post is dedicated to all of the things I've bought (naughty jessie) throughout late August and early September. They're all very different but equally help me to dig further and further into my over draft. There's not everything on here, but this is the stuff that looked the prettiest when it was photographed (sorry for being such a rubbish photographer). 
Candles have recently become an obsession of mine whenever Im not working, or before I go to bed I light them.. its the most of the most relaxing things in the world. I bought a pair of Jelly Belly scented candles from a massive ASDA that my boyfriend kindly took me to! (how romantic) two flavours came in the gift pack. There was 'very cherry' and the other is called 'bubble gum'. I've almost used up all of the very cherry because of how good it smells, and i'm really excited to light up the bubble gum one. The cream coloured candle is vanilla scented and another infamous asda special! I love the little glass tub it comes in and the bow tied around the neck, im saving this one for my new uni room because of how pretty it looks.

Evidence of my acessories addiction is shown in the following pictures, whoops! I picked up this beautiful blue pendant necklace from Primark in Manchester whilst I was on a lovely weekend away, it cost me £4.00 and im really impressed with it because its so different to anything i've had before. I love the colour and the enamel style stone, beautiful. The second necklace is from NEXT im not as keen on this one as much as the first, but still im sure i'll get my wear from it. This cost me a stupid £20.00 which is probably why im a little rescentful of it.... and maybe why I don't normally shop in NEXT. All of the following rings are form Primark again, the little gold ones came in a pack that cost £2.50 and the silver larger ring cost £1.50 I wear this ring all the time, it was also from the Manchester Primark and im so happy that I picked it up. 

Here are some close up's of the jewellery
This is something I bought today, its from one of my favourites H&M though because the cut and fitting of the skirt is so strange I had to buy it in a much bigger size. The zipper cuts down the front of the skirt and fastens the whole skirt together. It cost me £24.00 roughly so hopefully I will wear it a lot during winter and the coming autumn. I love the zip running down the middle of the skirt and the style of leather its lovely, its crinkled and thick looking which is different to any faux leather i've come across recently. 

I've lusted after this little flowery crop top for such a long time, I saw it on the TOPSHOP website when it first came online and wanted it at full price, so I was so happy when I found it in the sale yesterday when I 'nipped' into TOPSHOP. There is a snag (as there is with most things in life) the only size they had was a 16, my little boobs are swamped in this top but im going to ask a friend to take it in so all is well! in the mean time at least I get extra frills! and it looks really lovely with my new leather skirt.

         Much love
         Enjoy xx