About Me

I had no idea what to put in this section so I googled random questions and am going to answer them for the about me section, how exciting. 


1. What is the color of your computer/laptop? 
Silver. I have a mac book pro which i LOVE with all my heart, but soon she has to go on ebay.

2. What did you eat for breakfast? 
I had two boiled eggs! i love egg (even pickled) 

3. What sport do you like watching the best in the Olympics? 
Im terrible and don't watch anything hardly during the olympics. I find the diving quite interesting so I sometimes watch that, or the tennis. 

4. Which country are you rooting for in the Olympics? 
ummmm? Britain 

5. What was your favorite food from your childhood? 
I love strawberries, and tomatoes and apples which was funnily enough my first word! at primary school I remember pink custard so thats pretty up there. 

6. Do you have a pet? If so, what kind? 
I have two little white westies, a boy and a girl. One is called Isla and the other Bailey they are both rescue dogs and very in love.

7. What is your favorite kind of music? 
I love all music, not into heavy metal or rock as such! but anything that makes me smile! My favourite song in the whole world is 'she moves in her own way' - the kooks.

8. Your favorite ice cream flavour? 
Mint choc chip! or pistachio mmmm

9. Do you collect anything? If so, what? 
Not as such, although I do have an impressive sunglasses collection that happened non- deliberately 

10. How often and how long do you go on Yahoo! Answers?
Hardly ever I'm afraid, just to check emails, blog and to complete uni assignments.

Enjoy xxx

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