Tuesday, 26 August 2014

beautiful new river island boots

My obsession with chunky looking winter boots has been on- going for years now and I thought I had my addiction under control. Despite everything I couldn't leave these puppies on the shelf, and digging further into my overdraft made them mine. If I remember properly they cost me £37-£40.00, I bought them from the Burton store (in a small town close to where I live) the actual River Island shop there isn't the prettiest or most popular but because of this your size is almost always there and they don't run out of popular lines as quickly, its also really nice and quite there so you can shop in space and peace. 

I instagramed these literally as soon as I got home because of how excited I was about them, and was really flattered when River Island #regrammed the picture onto their official page. It got lots of interest and River Island customers began asking me questions about the boots which was lovely. I was also able to get in contact with lots of other chunky boot enthusiast's on instagram and twitter which was equally lovely.

Also in the picture are some little ring sets and a cutie little candle. These are all from Primark, which is amazing for little jewellery bits and cutie home accessories at the moment. The candles were £1.50 each (i bought three) they're vanilla scented and look lovely lit in there little glass dome. I've actually nearly finished using these candles because I love the smell so much, so will definitely be going to buy some more! 

The rings are gorgeous also, the cream coloured pack were a stack of five little gold looking rings, one was like a twisted vine which looked really cool. These cost no more than £3.00, the second set had another cool twisted ring this time in the style of a snake. There was also a semi- precious red stone ring (vintage looking) and others perfect for stacking these were also £3.00 (around). 

I'm actually really impressed with all of the little bits Primark has in their store and on their social media accounts at the minute, I'm going to have to start hunting them out as I am going to be decorating both my home and university bedroom! 

Enjoy xxx

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