Friday, 21 November 2014

Have a wet wet winter | «« top 3 get lubed products.

Keep your skin, hair and body hydrated this winter.

  Its hard with central heating being on full blast everywhere you go, and the wing blowing crazy to keep your body and hair at a level of happy hydration! so i've been testing out products for the past few weeks to try and source the up-most best hydration products to see you through winter. Don't wind up all shrivelled like my beautiful rose. Enjoy the colour on this post, i'll start to hate bright things again soon..

Left inwards:

1- Cowshed is one of my favourite cosmetic cream brands, i love their packaging and brand ethos. This product is quirkily named 'cow pat'. It feels lovely on the hands, absorbs in minutes and doesn't leave a greasy residue the size of the product is really handy as well and supplies an easy application. 

2- This limited edition tub of 'aloe vera' vaseline was almost made for the winter season, its cute little tin fits perfectly inside any purse, and stands out inside of a massive handbag for easy grabbing. Aloe vera is one of my favourite natural remedies its lovely to sooth the skin and heal little scratches and scars, the smell raw is a little off-putting but when the plant has been treated its divine. 

3- Last but not least is my favourite of the bunch, I bought this on a whim and I'm never going to stop using it (unless i run out of money then ill have too) it cost six pounds which is pricey for a low brand heat defence product but it works wonders. I have really long naturally strait hair, that can friz under heat and windy weather. I smooth this from the middle to ends of my hair and comb through just before blowdrying. If I'm doing poker strait hair, it makes it shine and look thick and full. It also helps to create a smoother wave or curl. I love it so much. 

I hope this helps you survive your winter.


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