Friday, 17 October 2014

A home time surprise | future bedroom tour

Since going back to university to finish off my first semester (second year) my mum has been LOUDLY decorating the house, we've had a crazy decorator that drank tea like a fish and sang to our dogs, and big radiator leaks but It's safe to say since coming home this weekend for a few days its all worth it and the house looks lovely. A surprise for me and entire reason for this blog post is my lovely new bed room that I didn't know would be finished and look this lovely, especially as I spent the majority of the year living away from home.

I am going to do a longer blog post showing all of the bits in the room as this isn't the best picture, Im also going to be doing a list of where everything is from etc... and price, availability. Just wanted to share it with you... as it was such a lovely surprise. Have a beautiful weekend.


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