Tuesday, 28 October 2014

thai curry with curly kale

Make this for under a fiver... being a student is no excuse guys. 

For reasons un- be known to me recently i've caught the cooking bug and seeing as I don't have anything else to put up on here I thought why not share the things Im making on my blog. 

Im constantly trying to be healthy trying out new foods to help with weight loss, and a better generally more healthy life style (contradicted by the alcohol consumption sadly) this is tonights conquest made with real chicken (although I tend to use quorn) because its a little bit quicker. Im going to try to post some more food things on here (excuse the horrible kitchen I'm a student) all of the recipes will be bought within my student budget and won't take too much time to product because sadly... I'm a busy girl..

What you will need:
  1. Chicken breast cut into pieces 
  2. A thai curry cooking sauce / coconut milk (optional) 
  3. Curly Kale 
  4. Green beans 
  5. 1 Onion 
  6. Pepper/ chosen spices etc...
  7. 1 Lime
  8. 1 Green pepper
  9. Spinich

The final result....

Dice onions thinly and green pepper. Remove both ends from green beans and rinse under cold water.

                           Add chicken, onions and sliced green pepper to a hot frying pan.

             Add thai curry sauce and green beans to pan, stir through and leave to simmer. Continue to season throughout pan frying process. 


        Add spinach to the pan and stir through. Spinich will shrivel and fold into curry. Leave to simmer.

                      Grate lime zest and add to mixture, then squeeze lime into curry until dry. 

                       Put curly Kale in pan with bolding water and leave to boil for three to five minutes 

                    Drain and leave to sit for a few minutes. (Again so sorry for the gross kitchen) 

      Place curry on top of the kale and enjoy! 


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